The Society of Non-Society

The harsh reality of the world is nothing that people want to deal with on a daily basis. This has led many people to use drugs or to drop out of society. While these are certainly options, it seems like a much better idea to start your own society. This is exactly what William Bobble did in 1832. He was tired of everything that he had to deal with in the modern society of his day. He put out an ad in the local paper and found a few dozen people that felt the same way that he did. Thus, the Society of Non-Society was born.

The first rule of the Society of Non-Society was that you had to quit your job in an elaborate way. This was in a time when people did not just storm off of a job because they were fed up. So, when people just started flipping over counting machines and announcing to the boss exactly where he could stick his low wage, it gathered a lot of attention. The point was to make sure that the society would be ignored because no one would want anything to do with the members. At this, they were highly effective.

The next step that William Bobble put into effect was to make sure that the society had everything it needed to be able to start over in a new society. The members of the Society of Non-Society purchased everything they needed to be able to start a garden. They also bought different animals that they could use for breeding and for food. In addition, they purchased all the implements they would need in order to dig deep into the earth. With this, they had everything that they needed to move on to a new world.

In order to break ties completely with the old world, the members of the Society of Non-Society each burned their homes to the ground while dancing in the front lawn naked and painted blue. Those that were not arrested and held for mental observation met back at the rendezvous point so they could move along with the next step in the plan.

Over the course of the next year, the society dug through the earth and created vast underground caverns which they were to use as a living environment. These were created so that they would not represent the old world. This was so that they would be able to start the new society with a new attitude and a new mindset. After they entered their underground caverns, not much is known about what happened.

In 1963, the underground caverns were discovered and all of the materials that were present were more advanced than anything that was presently in use. As it turns out, when the distractions and pressures of society are removed, it helps to focus the mind on the projects you are on. It is believed that the society believed that they were now too advanced for the society that even they had created and transported themselves into the future. All that is left behind is the remnants of a society that valued thought and imagination more than anything else.