Seeing With Morning Eyes

In the morning light everything tends to look different. Things that were scary the night before look tame and boring with the new morning. It is always interesting to observe your surroundings when you wake up in the morning. Think about all those times you went camping and were nervous about the way a few branches looked like a web filled with spiders. Spooky noises might keep you up throughout the night. When you get up the next morning everything looks fresh and clean without a thing to worry about. The big difference is when you wake up with a hangover.

This is what happened to Rick Artright. He woke up one morning after having been out drinking all night the night before. He met beautiful people and hung out in the swankiest of clubs. He even went to a beautiful woman's house and hung out in her million dollar pad. But, that is not what he woke up in. The shower was running and he was scared to see what would come out of the shower. He scanned the scene around him and saw dingy walls with trash everywhere and panicked that in his drunken stupor he might have made a terrible decision.

Panicked, Rick ran from the scene as fast as his legs would take him. He was not leaving anything to chance. If there was the possibility that he could get away, he was taking advantage of it as soon as possible. With shirt and pants barely on, shoes in hand and socks in his pocket, Rick was out the door and on the street. Luckily, he was in the city so he could easily catch a cab. Since his wallet was in his pocket and still had cash in it he hailed the first thing moving that he saw and was free.

Meanwhile back in the apartment a beautiful woman emerged from the shower and surveyed the damage that was done to her room by the guy she met the night before. Even though the room was a mess, there was one thing that was already looking up. The guy that she met the night before - that had turned out to be an uglier, harrier and smellier version of the fun, handsome devil she thought she had brought home - was gone. She noticed the cab pulling away and at the same moment she and Rick shared a collective sigh of relief that they had really dodged a bullet.


Amlilui said...

Haha, I liked your morning after story, and I wonder, who was the real winner?

I just started a mission to blog for 30 days about my struggle to get up in the morning and if you ever want to hear about mornings from the perspective of someone who avoids them like the plague, check out my blog

I found you from a comment you left on an animation blog and noticed that your son is about to start the sequential art program at SCAD.
SCAD is my dream school, and I'd love to go for either that or animation. So it stands to reason that your son and I have something in common.


Brian Bedell said...

thanks for your comment and for following the blog. I will tell my son about your blog as well. Make sure you check back often as I am trying to get posts in every day.


&&&&& said...

Hi! I was just floating around from blog to blog, and I particularly enjoyed your story! I always love a good laugh, so thank you for that.



Sandra Jaye said...

I enjoyed Morning Eyes and the kind of situation I haven't been in for several decades! I think you could have drawn out the suspense even more than you did, though!