Will Ferrell Appearing on “The Office”

There are times when you hope for something better in the things you enjoy. For a while now, there has been a steady decline in the quality of the humor on the television show, "The Office". Some of the things that they have tried to make the show more interesting have actually worked to detract from the humor of the show. It is good to know that there is something on the horizon.

Will Ferrell is going to appear on one of the upcoming episodes as a branch manager form the home office. While this is likely just a last ditch effort to bring in some last minute ratings for the series, it has the rumor mills running. People are talking about the possibility that Will Ferrell might become the new lead in "The Office".

Unlikely you say?

Remember when James Franco appeared in a soap opera just for the experience?

It seems that anything is possible even if it seems highly unlikely. Will Ferrell is still very busy with a bustling movie career. He is one of the founders of "Funny or Die" which now has a television and internet following. He is also well known to appear on just about anything if he thinks it is funny.

While I will not make speculations about whether or not Will Ferrell will stick around for more than the four episodes of "The Office" he is slated to appear in, I will tell you that I am going to set my DVR. I hope that we get to see even more out of this talented actor in the future.

What do you think?

The Perfect Margarita: Introduction Part 1

It can't already be 5am can it? A quick glance at the blaring alarm clock to see it is in fact 5:01am. Kevin rolls toward the nightstand and hits the off button with disdain. A quick rub of the eyes and he puts his feet on the floor. Kevin slowly moves across the room to his bathroom and into the shower.

The hot water pelts his body as a new day begins. Kevin Shepard tries to get straight in his mind everything he needs to accomplish today as he lathers shampoo into his hair. The morning shower has always been a time for thought and decisions about the day to come.

These days the morning shower is spent considering bigger decisions than years previous. Whereas the special of the day or which purveyor to use for truffles used to be the subject at hand now it is about executive decisions. He shakes his head to get rid of negativity and reminds himself that he is still at least making decisions about food.

Kevin emerges from the shower and takes a well-deserved pit stop at the toilet. "Should have done that before showering", Kevin thinks. As he washes his hands, Kevin looks through the mirror into the face of a man much older than he feels is possible. The blue eyes still sparkle with wit and energy, but the skin around them has started to sag in a most depressing way. Years of sleep deprivation and no sunlight have not been kind to him. He thinks, not for the first time, that he knows convicted felons who get more sun than he does. After brushing his teeth and hair, it's on to the closet.

Out of the shower and dried off, a pair of tattered blue jeans find their way onto Kevin's slim hips. An undershirt and sweater follow the jeans to complete the outfit. After a quick smile and a wink in the mirror, Kevin decides he is ready to go…

Coming Soon…

Hey again… I have been going through a lot of the things that were in storage waiting to get into the new place and stuff which has gone with me from one place to another. I came across a book I started a long time ago. I never actually finished it, but it is mostly done. It is very raw as I only wrote through the material once with no editing. It is written on paper in a bound book which was intended to be used as a diary. I am going to step out on a limb and put it on this blog. I figure there are not a lot of people reading the blog anyhow, so my risk should be minimal.

To give you a little insight about the book, it is about two friends in search of the perfect margarita. In fact, the title of the story is The Perfect Margarita. I intended for some of the characters to be based on me and my friends, but as normally happens when you write, the characters determined who they would be on their own. It was fun to write at first, but then I got self-conscious and doubted my abilities as a writer. I have decided to put the story here so that I might get some insight, feedback, criticism or even downright mean comments. Bring it on is what I say. I will start soon.

Warm Greetings!

Take a good look folks and what do you see? Most people just see farmers getting ready to cover their land for the winter or gathering hay to sell to others. What many do not realize in this modern age of Twitter and Facebook where the smart phone is more important than human interaction with your mouth is what these rolls of hay are actually used for. Do they serve a purpose on the farms of America? Yes!

In fact, they serve two purposes. The rolls of hay you see are signs of warm greetings which dot the landscape for all to enjoy. They have been placed there as an unmistakable reminder there are people who operate the farm. They are there and they know you are driving by and they want to put a smile on your face. What better way to accomplish this then through a roll of hay?

Don't believe me? There is no coincidence the word hey is a common greeting which is unique to America. It is was developed here and handed off to other English speaking nations just like the hay rolls themselves. America is the largest producer of hay in the world and has already signed international agreements to be the sole provider for hay when space is colonized.

It is important that everyone knows the true history and meaning of hay rolls or no one will be able to explain to intergalactic travelers as to why there are hay rolls in an environment where hay does no good. So, whether traveling past Alpha Centuri or through the heartland of America, you will know why you are seeing hay rolls hanging out. Pass it on!

New Blog

Hello Fellow Reader...

I am looking at further self expansion and I want to have a blog that I can add to every day. I get nervous about adding new fiction to this blog every day even though I would love to stretch the old mental muscle.

So, I have created a brand new blog in which I am not restricted as to the theme. I will still make regular posts to this blog, but I welcome all to check out my new home on this crazy web called Panna Days, Guiness Nights.

I hope to see you all there and I hope to see lots of people following the blog and commenting on the different posts I make. I will also welcome you to make links to your own blogs through my site. I am all about some shameless self-promotion.

See you there,
Brian Bedell

Remember The Fallen

Here is a great photo you might want to have for your collection. I was looking for one thing and came across one of our forgotten countrymen. SaintSir Felius here was known for his ability to catch rodents and never get a single wrinkle in his three piece suit. His top hat beamed in the morning light while the monocle never left his eye. He was a glorious beast and he will be missed after the mistaken rat poisoning incident of 1912 which took down this beloved icon of the Pacific Islands in his prime. No matter what life tossed at him, he always landed on his feet. Naturally, he would have survived the rat poisoning incident if he had not so willingly given his other eight lives to milk, felines and catnip. You will live on in our minds SaintSir Felius and in our hearts. This one goes out to you! MEOW!!

Brain Freeze

Pen poised in hand. Clean paper waiting. Brain empty.

This is the predicament so many writers find themselves in on a near daily basis. Harris Green was facing his worst dilemma ever. He had finally been awarded the book deal of a lifetime and he was required to start putting together his ideas into a format that could be marketed. The problem was, here he was sitting in front his fresh sheet of paper, a ream waiting next to it and he could not muster the strength to write down a single word.

Writing had always come so simply to him. His stories seemed to flow like water from a tap without having a care in the world. Then he realized what the problem was. He has always written for him. There was no pressure. Now, he was required to get down at least 150 pages to turn in to the editor in the next three months. He was locked up with fear.

He walked around the room and lit a cigarette. What he needed was inspiration. What he needed was something to knock everything loose. Just then it hit him. He called up his friend Doug who was also a writer. His brown eyes bore into the phone as the number was dialed, and he waited with bated breath until Doug Answered.

"Hello", Doug Breathed into the phone in that familiar way.

"Doug", Harris started with anticipation, "I have hit a wall and I need some help. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get out of writer's block?"

A sigh and then silence.

"Hello?" Harris was worried the line had disconnected. He even glanced at the phone.

"Just write something." Was the reply that finally came filled with a lithesome tone.

Confused, Harris replied, "But, that is the problem. I can't. I don't know what to write! Help!"

"Just write words down on a piece of paper. Any words! Write a freaking grocery list if that is all you can come up with. The idea is to just write. It doesn't have to be good, but you gotta exercise that muscle, bro. Look I gotta go. Good luck and all."

With that the line went dead, and Harris returned to the paper. It still looked intimidating with the pen laying on top of it. Slowly, he sat down at the desk and picked up the pen. He wrote random words at first and then the words formed into something that made sense. He wrote for ten solid minutes before he gave any thought to what was happening.

He was free and he could not wait to get started on the actual project. Excited he grabbed another piece of paper and laid it down in place of the old one. He shook his head, leaned forward and put the pen to the paper and his brain emptied. Again!