Warm Greetings!

Take a good look folks and what do you see? Most people just see farmers getting ready to cover their land for the winter or gathering hay to sell to others. What many do not realize in this modern age of Twitter and Facebook where the smart phone is more important than human interaction with your mouth is what these rolls of hay are actually used for. Do they serve a purpose on the farms of America? Yes!

In fact, they serve two purposes. The rolls of hay you see are signs of warm greetings which dot the landscape for all to enjoy. They have been placed there as an unmistakable reminder there are people who operate the farm. They are there and they know you are driving by and they want to put a smile on your face. What better way to accomplish this then through a roll of hay?

Don't believe me? There is no coincidence the word hey is a common greeting which is unique to America. It is was developed here and handed off to other English speaking nations just like the hay rolls themselves. America is the largest producer of hay in the world and has already signed international agreements to be the sole provider for hay when space is colonized.

It is important that everyone knows the true history and meaning of hay rolls or no one will be able to explain to intergalactic travelers as to why there are hay rolls in an environment where hay does no good. So, whether traveling past Alpha Centuri or through the heartland of America, you will know why you are seeing hay rolls hanging out. Pass it on!