New Blog

Hello Fellow Reader...

I am looking at further self expansion and I want to have a blog that I can add to every day. I get nervous about adding new fiction to this blog every day even though I would love to stretch the old mental muscle.

So, I have created a brand new blog in which I am not restricted as to the theme. I will still make regular posts to this blog, but I welcome all to check out my new home on this crazy web called Panna Days, Guiness Nights.

I hope to see you all there and I hope to see lots of people following the blog and commenting on the different posts I make. I will also welcome you to make links to your own blogs through my site. I am all about some shameless self-promotion.

See you there,
Brian Bedell

Remember The Fallen

Here is a great photo you might want to have for your collection. I was looking for one thing and came across one of our forgotten countrymen. SaintSir Felius here was known for his ability to catch rodents and never get a single wrinkle in his three piece suit. His top hat beamed in the morning light while the monocle never left his eye. He was a glorious beast and he will be missed after the mistaken rat poisoning incident of 1912 which took down this beloved icon of the Pacific Islands in his prime. No matter what life tossed at him, he always landed on his feet. Naturally, he would have survived the rat poisoning incident if he had not so willingly given his other eight lives to milk, felines and catnip. You will live on in our minds SaintSir Felius and in our hearts. This one goes out to you! MEOW!!