Will Ferrell Appearing on “The Office”

There are times when you hope for something better in the things you enjoy. For a while now, there has been a steady decline in the quality of the humor on the television show, "The Office". Some of the things that they have tried to make the show more interesting have actually worked to detract from the humor of the show. It is good to know that there is something on the horizon.

Will Ferrell is going to appear on one of the upcoming episodes as a branch manager form the home office. While this is likely just a last ditch effort to bring in some last minute ratings for the series, it has the rumor mills running. People are talking about the possibility that Will Ferrell might become the new lead in "The Office".

Unlikely you say?

Remember when James Franco appeared in a soap opera just for the experience?

It seems that anything is possible even if it seems highly unlikely. Will Ferrell is still very busy with a bustling movie career. He is one of the founders of "Funny or Die" which now has a television and internet following. He is also well known to appear on just about anything if he thinks it is funny.

While I will not make speculations about whether or not Will Ferrell will stick around for more than the four episodes of "The Office" he is slated to appear in, I will tell you that I am going to set my DVR. I hope that we get to see even more out of this talented actor in the future.

What do you think?