Laughing at Yourself

In this new age of self indulgent people, there is less of a tendency to laugh at oneself. This is a tragedy! I have my own style of joke telling called the "solid gold". Every time I tell one of these jokes, they are solidified with a pumping of the fits and the hefting of the words, "SOLID GOLD!" Mind you, these jokes are not funny in their own right. They are more funny to me. I punctuate the jokes with a silly movement in order to garner more laughs.

I am under no delusions that I am a hilarious individual. I merely hope to entertain myself most of the time. This is not an extremely difficult endeavor as I find all of my jokes hilarious. If I am the only one laughing, than so be it. I will laugh all the harder to make up for your lack of laughing. Should this embarrass me? Who cares? I don't! More people need to have this attitude.

By laughing at yourself, you cut down the need to take anti-depressants. You become more fun to be around. Most importantly, I will not feel so all alone in this great big world we all live in. So, the next time you tell a joke and nobody else laughs, pump your fist and yell "SOLID GOLD!" You may get some stares, but at least you will be entertained. Smile knowing I am laughing with you.